The Process we follow as a

London House Extension Company

  • 01.

    Design and Planning

    There are several aspects of a house extension London project we can help you with. This may include anything from acquiring planning permission to coming
    up with a bespoke design that’s
    built to your exact

  • 02.

    Site survey

    After the free initial consultation, we will sit through perhaps 2-3 meetings where our designers reaffirm that the initial design plan fully complies with your vision,
    aspirations and budget.

  • 03.


    Following a complete site survey, we
    will use cutting-edge CAD software to develop detailed and accurate-to-scale
    drawings to show you the extension plan and prepare it for submission.

  • 04.


    Our in-house team will proceed to prepare and submit all the necessary documentation for obtaining planning permission appropriate for your extension build. Playing your agent’s role, we will deal with
    any queries that may arise during the application. With that said, we will first ensure that all
    structural integrity requirements of your build are satisfied according to our standards
    and that the necessary Local Council’s guidelines have been met
    – before making any submission.

  • 05.


    Should any structural engineering issues arise related to Building Control, or any actions that require your property’s
    party wall, we will deal with
    them in a swift and
    timely manner.

  • 06.

    The Pre-build

    The second stage in our home extension London process lies between finalising the design and acquiring planning permission – and starting the extension build itself. Multiple actions may need to be carried out at this stage, such as dealing with Party Wall Agreements, drafting Temporary Works designs or obtaining a Licence to Alter. Before anything else, though, we will provide
    you with a project estimate for the work that’s about to begin.

  • 07.


    Our project pricing specialist will discuss the full details of the home extension London project – double-checking that everything is set out clearly and transparently
    as per your requirements and
    budget before providing a
    detailed final quote.

  • 08.

    Party Wall

    Building an extension in London often involves a Party Wall Agreement, which is where one of our Party Wall surveyors will supply you with the necessary information and help you serve any
    notices if needed.

  • 09.

    Work plan

    Accompanying your detailed quote will be a highly precise work plan, accurate to the millimetre, which highlights the essential activities involved in completing your London home extension project.
    This includes various deliverables such as materials,
    appliances, doors, windows, etc., to support
    every build phase.

  • 10.


    Once you have okayed the final quote and work plan, we will present you with a contract that outlines the work schedule, total project cost
    and an agreed-upon payment plan.

If any issues arise regarding the Building Control process, our team will see it through and liaise with the Local Authority on your behalf.

  • 1

    The Build

    The London house extension build will be overseen by your dedicated Project Manager, who will ensure that all designated activities are completed according to the proposed time frame, budget and work plan.

  • 2

    Initial Meeting

    Just as the build process is about to get the green light, we will hold a meeting between you and our team’s designated site manager and project manager.

  • 3

    The Build

    With everything in place, your London home extension build has begun, as our Site Manager and Project Manager diligently observe all the necessary H&S standards and monitor the quality of work. They will manage all communications and collaboration with Building Control personnel and other relevant authorities and oversee any subcontractors who have been engaged to deal with specific aspects of the build, such as plumbing or electric works.

  • 4

    Project Management & Oversight

    We recommend holding at least one meeting each week where we update you on the progress of your home extension London project. This ensures that everything is proceeding according to schedule and within the confines of the agreed-upon budget.

  • 5

    Interior Design

    Our professional relationships with leading local interior designers and product suppliers mean that we can help you apply all the desired interior finishing design touches to your London house extension.

  • 6


    The main building phase of your home extension in London is now complete – however, a few final tasks remain before your dream and vision can be met.

  • 7


    We need to see several activities that will give you the feeling of truly being “at home”, such as installing appliances in the right places, placing furniture, and providing soft furnishings.

  • 8

    Sign off

    Your London home extension is nearly complete, and we’re just about ready to ‘hand over the keys. Before we can sign off, we will conduct a comprehensive assessment of every piece of work carried out, providing you with all the necessary warranties and owner’s manuals related to the equipment and appliances installed.

Once you are completely satisfied with the build quality, materials, equipment and appliances, we will sign off the project – congratulating you heartily on your new house extension in London!

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