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London Extensions specialises in building fully bespoke London loft conversions Builder according to your exact specifications. We’re among a select few London loft conversion companies that will be offering beyond exceptional workmanship at a reasonable price. Get your dream loft conversion underway today in a hassle-free way.

What we do as a Loft Conversion Builder

Hassle-free Loft Conversion Service In London

At London Extensions, we are known for converting lofts into simply beautiful, highly practical and usable spaces. We completely understand how some families need more space to accommodate a growing family but are not looking to move into a new house. Other Londoners, such as a couple or a single professional, are often looking for that one ‘dream space’ which they can call “their home”. No matter what your London loft conversion goal is, our team is on hand to advise.

Working with a loft conversion company in London can be a daunting task, especially if you’ve never been involved in a loft conversion project. With us, you can take a sigh of relief – we aim to remove as much stress and hassle out of the loft conversion process as possible. You’ll never have to worry about project estimates, what kind of materials to get, whether you need planning permission or when to coordinate with your Project Manager. We will do it all on your behalf and draw out a clear timeline, making it easy for you to track progress and add your thoughts or feedback at any stage.

From design & build and architectural drawings to planning permission, liaising with the Local Authorities, structural calculations and more, we’re going to oversee every aspect of your London loft conversion, leaving you with plenty of time to focus on your work and family priorities.

We’re proud of the fact that we’re a loft conversion company in London who aims to make all kinds of loft conversion projects as hassle-free as possible. If you ask anyone who has converted their existing home into a loft, you might get a fair idea of how stressful the entire process can be. You’ll never run into any such issues with us, that’s a given!

Why get a Loft Conversion in London?

Loft Conversion London

Are you planning to move house? Do you want to sell your house and move to a bigger one, perhaps? Need extra space to accommodate more family members?

Pause and think this through for a moment – a loft conversion in your property means you’ll never have to go through any of the hassles or troubles of finding a new home or moving for that matter – a loft conversion can add up to 25% value to your current home!

This means you can make even more money in the long run, should you ever decide to partially or fully rent out your house, or sell it. No matter how you look at it, London loft conversions are a far more practical and less expensive option – allowing you to increase your home’s value in the process while meeting the desired goal of increasing your living space.

What type of Loft Conversion in London is right for you?

As a sought after and highly trusted loft conversion company in London, no one understand this better than us: no two loft conversion projects are the same, not just because there’s a diverse selection of properties across London but also because people have different tastes, family preferences and lifestyles. Our team takes the time to sit down with you and tailor every detail according to your personal requirements. Unlike some of the London loft conversion companies in existence today, we never rush through any project or recommend a ‘one size fits all’ approach to any of our clients, working hard and meticulously to tailor each aspect to your unique needs.

Based on the information you share with us, our team will recommend the best type of loft conversion in London. For instance, your project may include the latest in bathroom suites and wet rooms, or a stunning new design which makes great use of natural light. There are many London loft conversions available to cater to your style and preferences:

  • Dormer conversion

    An extension to your existing roof which projects vertically from a sloping roof to create more floor space and headroom

  • L-shaped dormer conversion

    This is where two dormer loft conversion builds are connected to form an ‘L’ shape, making them highly suitable for Edwardian and Victorian properties where there’s a back addition at the rear to accommodate an extra kitchen or bathroom.

  • Mansard conversion

    Named after French artist Francois Mansard, this conversion type sits at the rear of the property and features a flat roof where the back wall slopes inwards at a 72° angle.

  • Hip-to-gable conversion

    Homes featuring a hip-roofed style are ideal ‘candidates’ for this type of conversion, where the sloping side of the property is converted to a flat gable end, creating extra staircase space too in the process.

While there are many different kinds of London loft conversion ideas you can discuss with our team of designers, architects and structural engineers, the above should give you a fair idea of what’s possible! We will conduct a comprehensive survey to determine the best kind of loft conversion in London to suit your house and living requirement, as well as preference for style and aesthetics.

We’ll price match any quote offered by other London loft conversion companies – you’re only a phone call away from converting your dream into reality.

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