Creative Ideas for a Small Extension on the Back of a House

Your home is your haven, and you can make it even more special by expanding its living space. Adding a backyard extension offers opportunities to improve your living experience.

Imagine stepping out of your house into a peaceful oasis that blends perfectly with your home and brings nature closer. A small extension at the back of your house, created by London Extensions, can create a cosy, relaxing nook or a functional entertainment area.

With a backyard extension, you can enjoy a sunny breakfast corner to start your day with coffee or set up a charming reading space surrounded by nature’s beauty.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some creative concepts for a small extension on the back of a house.

Small Extension on the Back of a House

10 Creative Ideas for a Small Extension on the Back of a House

Do you want to make your home even better? A small extension at the back of your house can do just that.

Let’s dive into ten imaginative ideas for a small extension on the back of a house:

  • Charming Reading Nook:

    Imagine having a dedicated corner in your house just for reading! We can transform the extension into a charming reading nook. We’ll fill it with shelves full of books, so you’ll always have something exciting to read. You can sit on soft cushions, and there will be gentle lights to read by. It will be your cosy retreat, perfect for escaping into beautiful stories.

    The soft cushions will make sitting comfortable, allowing you to immerse yourself in the captivating tales within the pages. The gentle lighting will create a warm ambience, making it an ideal place to spend quiet, enjoyable hours with your favourite books. If you want to expand your reading nook, consider the services of a house extension builder in London.

  • Sunlit Home Office:

    A sunlit home office is the answer if you need a space to work or study. We’ll make the extension bright and sunny by adding large windows that let in lots of daylight. You’ll have a unique desk for your work or studies and shelves to keep your books and things organised. It will be a happy place to get things done and be productive.

    This sunlit home office will have plenty of natural light to energise and motivate you. With ample space and organised shelves, your work area will be clutter-free, allowing you to focus on tasks quickly. The ergonomic desk will ensure comfort during extended work or study hours.

  • Open-plan Kitchen Extension:

    Wouldn’t having a larger kitchen and dining area be great? We can create an open-plan kitchen extension that will make cooking and dining a joy. With shiny countertops, modern appliances, and a big dining table, you’ll have plenty of space.

    The open-plan kitchen extension will provide a spacious and inviting atmosphere for cooking and dining. The shiny countertops will be easy to clean, making cooking a breeze. Modern appliances will add convenience and efficiency to your culinary adventures, while the large dining table will be a welcoming spot for shared meals and cherished conversations.

  • Spa-inspired Bathroom:

    Have you ever dreamt of having a bathroom that feels like a luxurious spa? We can make it happen! In the extension, we’ll install a big bathtub for relaxing baths and a wonderful shower with soothing water. The fixtures will be beautiful, and the colours and materials will make you feel calm and peaceful. It will be a perfect place to unwind and pamper yourself.

    This spa-inspired bathroom will be your haven of relaxation. The spacious bathtub will offer a retreat for unwinding after a long day, while the soothing shower will provide a refreshing experience. The beautiful fixtures and calming colours will create a serene environment, turning your daily routines into moments of rejuvenation.

  • Greenhouse Oasis:

    Let’s explore the types of house extensions and bring the garden inside with a greenhouse oasis! In the extension, we’ll create a space where you can grow many plants and herbs. It will feel like a magical garden right in your home. You can have your morning tea surrounded by all the greenery, and it will be a lovely spot to enjoy nature.

    The greenhouse oasis will be a delightful escape into nature right within your home. Filled with lush plants and aromatic herbs, it will be a charming space to connect with the beauty of the natural world. Sipping your morning tea amidst the greenery will be a serene and refreshing way to start your day.

  • Kids’ Playroom:

    For all the kids out there, we can make a special playroom just for you! It will be colourful and fun, with plenty of space for your toys and games. You can freely use your imagination in this happy and playful room.

    This exciting kids’ playroom will be a vibrant and dynamic space for endless fun and creativity. The colourful decor and ample toy storage will encourage imaginative play and exploration. With plenty of room to move and play, you’ll be free to create magical adventures in your play haven.

    Cosy TV Lounge:

    How about a comfy place to watch TV and movies? We’ll set up a comfortable TV lounge with soft sofas and a big screen in the extension. It will be the perfect spot for family movie nights and relaxing evenings with your loved ones.

    The cosy TV lounge will be a warm, inviting entertainment and family bonding space. The soft sofas will offer ultimate comfort for hours of movie-watching and relaxation. With a large screen, you’ll enjoy a cinematic experience right at home, making it an enjoyable gathering place for quality time with family and friends.

  • Home Gym:

    A home gym in the extension is great if you want to stay fit and healthy! We’ll put in some exercise equipment, like a treadmill and weights. You can work out whenever you want, and having your gym at home will be convenient.

    The home gym will be your fitness zone, allowing you to exercise conveniently with the help of a house extension designer in London. You can stay active and equipped with essential exercise equipment, such as a treadmill and weights. It will be a dedicated space to prioritise your health and well-being.

    Art Studio:

    We can make a unique art studio for all artists and creatives in the extension. It will have lots of space for you to paint and create.

    The art studio will be an inspiring haven for unleashing your creativity and artistic talents. The spacious setup will provide ample room to paint, draw, and craft freely. Abundant natural light from the oversized windows will illuminate your creative process, infusing each masterpiece with brilliance and imagination.

Small Extension on the Back of a House

Multi-functional Utility Room:

Let’s create a super useful room that has a bit of everything! This multi-functional utility room has a laundry area to wash clothes and shelves to keep things organised. You will even have a small office space to work or manage household tasks. It will make life easier and more organised for everyone in the house!

The special room in our single-storey extensions can do lots of things to help your family. You can easily wash and dry your clothes in a special place just for that.

The organised shelves will help you keep things in order, while the small office space will be a convenient spot to manage household matters, bills, and schedules. It will be a practical addition to streamline daily activities and maintain a well-organised home.


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Small Extension on the Back of a House

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