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– House Extension Structural Engineering Services

To see through the success of any house extension London project, structural property calculations are required to plan out the project’s foundations correctly – a critical first step that only a professional structural engineer London is capable of completing.

Once you have successfully acquired planning approval, structural engineering services are required during the building regulation drawing phase, ensuring the entire team of architects, designers, builders, and engineers are on the same page, working with the same calculations. The process details key information such as:

  • Foundational measurements
  • Materials required
  • Structural works involved
  • Timescale
  • Any potential health and safety risks so that they can be addressed early on

No matter what kind of London home extension project you have in mind, our highly reliable and cost-effective structural engineering services are here to ensure the structural calculations are entirely in line with current requirements. As you might imagine, this is a very critical first step before kicking off any home extension London project. When you’re collaborating with a professional extension structural engineer with years of experience, you already know that half your work is done.

Extension Structural Engineer

- How does it work?

  • Determining when you need a structural engineer in London

    With some home extensions, you need Planning Permission – but if you don’t, then you can appoint a structural engineer right away. On the other hand, if approval on planning permission is required from the Local Council, you must first wait for that approval. We will act as your agent to ensure that you get it at the earliest. At this stage, our designer will discuss options with you to appoint one of our trusted structural engineers in London, along with any technical architects and party wall surveyors you might require.

  • The cost of structural engineering services

    Working with the right structural engineer in London is, of course, critical to your project’s success, but we’ve made this process simple for homeowners. We will send your final and approved plans to our top structural engineers, and, as all the process is in_house, we can offer the most competitive price.

  • Structural engineering site survey

    Once your structural engineer has been allocated, he will visit your premises to conduct an integrity check on the construction – e.g. checking the state of the foundations, exterior walls, load-bearing walls and overall infrastructure. He will double-check all the measurements to ensure that any future drawings which may be needed are fully accurate.

  • Structural engineering drawings & calculations

    Once the relevant information and specifications have been gathered from your premises, your structural engineer will produce the required drawings and calculations to be submitted to Building Control.

  • Document checking & final drawings submission

    The structural engineering drawings and calculations will be done simultaneously along with the building regulations drawings. We will undertake all the relevant checks to ensure that these documents correlate and have the appropriate information required by Building Control. The detailed drawing pack will be run through you for a final check – any revisions required will be done by our in-house specialists.

  • Home extension in London ready to build!

    All your documents are now ready, which means we can start your project. As your London house extension company, we will study the drawings provided by the structural engineer, which will help us come to a costs estimate and required building materials, among other things, to begin building your brand new extension.

Work with a reputable Structural Engineer in London today.

Structural engineer London

Here at London Extensions, we’d be delighted to serve as your London house extension company, helping you by providing the right structural engineer who can understand your vision and keep in line with your budget too. With our extensive experience in developing robust structural systems for all kinds of buildings and dealing with architectural challenges of all calibres, the structural engineers in London we have in our team are known for their highly systematic and innovative approach.

The structural engineering services we offer span across multiple designs and materials, including steel, glass, concrete, aluminium and timber. We are always aware of current market conditions when it comes to London house extensions, offering tailored professional advice to compliment your ideas and vision.

Any extension is only as good as its structure. Therefore, producing accurate and correct structural calculations is that vital first step that ensures that your home extension London project stands the test of time.

From traditional London house extensions to double-storey extensions based on original concepts and much more – London Extensions takes pride in building innovative structures by offering structural engineering services that are considered best-in-class by our repeat clients. Given our years of experience in establishing reliable and accurate structural calculations for a broad range of clients across a whole variety of projects as well as materials – we’re pretty confident that we can provide the right structural engineering solution to bring your vision to life in a reasonable span of time.

If you’re interested in learning more about what a structural engineer in London does and what it means to work with a professional London house extension company that will take care of all your needs, we’d love to hear from you.

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